Doctors In Your Office

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To use this program you must be enrolled in a Princeton medical plan. Princeton medical plans covers an annual physical once per calendar year. To book a free physical, register online.

You must complete the online health forms prior to your appointment.

Annual physicals are very important because they help identify and treat health conditions before they get worse. Princeton University has partnered with Doctors In Your Office to provide free and convenient on-campus physicals for staff. If you are overdue for an annual physical you can use this convenient program.

If you are enrolled in a Princeton medical plan, you are eligible if you have not had your annual physical in the current calendar year. Princeton plans cover an exam once per calendar year.

If you are enrolled under a medical plan outside of Princeton, you are not eligible to use this program.  

Physicals will take place at the new Employee Wellness Center, located at 350 Alexander Road, and include an exam, preventive screenings, and comprehensive lab work. Everything discussed during the appointment, as well as your results, is completely confidential. Parking is available onsite at the Employee Wellness Center.