Notes of Gratitude During COVID-19

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, we have all played an important role to enable the University to operate and remain open. Take a moment to thank a colleague, your team, a whole department, or anyone in our Princeton community for keeping things running, finding new solutions, taking care of people, and maintaining the campus. A simple message can make all the difference.

Below are the messages of gratitude that we are receiving. For images of gratitude, visit The “Human” Side of COVID-19. We encourage you to check back often and to follow us on Instagram for more!


Princeton Community

Isn’t it fascinating how crisis brings out the best in us all?
We pulled together as a campus community standing 52 feet tall 
I’m amazed at how faculty, staff, & students continued to thrive
Regardless of the times we are in, Princeton University is still alive!
I will never forget this moment in history this statement I know is true.
How thankful we are to work for such an amazing employer called, Princeton U.
How our employer, Princeton U, did what was necessary to protect, you, you, & you.
Thank you for putting our lives and families first! Princeton University, we love you!

—Ashanté R. Pickett
Human Resources Associate
Office of Human Resources


Employee Resource Groups

I am so grateful to our 12 ERGs for staying present to more than 1,900 employees during the COVID-19 pandemic, aggravated by an unprecedented increase in bias and racism. During the last several months working remotely, the ERGs have become a virtual home for its members to connect, listen, reflect, and comfort. True to its service values, the ERGs have been fully engaged in different campus projects, such as making face coverings, participating in blood drives, and restocking community pantries. I am very proud of the ERGs for taking a stand against racism and being good University citizens by contributing ideas to help make Princeton a fairer and more equitable place to work. Thank you, AS@P, CFSSAP, DAP, IEGAP, LGBT, Latino Princetonians, MSV, NAAMA, PCN, PSP, SAAG, and WERG!

—Ivette Martinez-Rivera
Program Coordinator
Office of Human Resources

Coaches & the University Community as a Whole

"Princeton Athletics has, for as long as I've been affiliated, been about Education Through Athletics. In some ways, ironically, the meaning behind these words has been magnified when there has been no competition. What does it mean to be part of a team? What does it mean to be part of a community? How do individuals identify? What does it mean to have privilege, and a platform? What does it mean to stand up for justice? How can we show up in this moment in way that will have meaning? These are just a few of the questions that I have asked myself, and I have seen coaches, student-athletes, and administration wrestling with — mostly from a distance, and I believe it is the wrestling with these questions as much as the answers, that will bring us together better and stronger than we were before. Every day, I am amazed by the caring of our coaches, and in my job, and also as an alum, I am most proud to support them."

—Jess Deutsch ’91
Associate Director, Student-Athlete Services
Department of Athletics

Annual Giving Colleagues

"I’m ever-grateful for my Annual Giving colleagues! Zoom, email, Jabber messages, Slack, and good old fashioned phone calls…creative ways we’ve come together as a team in support of Princeton’s mission even when we are apart."

—Beth Perrino
Associate Director
Office of Annual Giving

Procurement Services Team

"With the coronavirus pandemic forcing unprecedented changes to our work and personal lives, I would like to send my sincere gratitude to the Procurement Services Team for remaining engaged, agile, and resilient. I am proud to work alongside such a dedicated group of professionals."

—Arturo Perez
Senior Category Manager, Procurement Services
Office of Finance and Treasury


A Note of Inspiration & Gratitude to the Princeton Community

I am a staff member and an alum, and, ever since I was a student so long ago (this will be my 30th Reunion year!), it has been the HUMAN side of Princeton that has influenced my life so indelibly. Human has meant: Not perfect. Needing to change. Willing to grow. Able to evolve. And there is so much more to do.

Early in this most recent situation, I began a Facebook page called “Gratitude for Now” to help to keep myself focused and positive. I was really consistent about it at first. Other people also contributed. Lately, I’ve been struggling to find the mojo to post on it, so I’m sharing to see if it lends anyone else some good energy for what will still be a long road ahead.

I am grateful to be part of the Princeton community and hopeful for all of us to stay connected, grateful, and pushing Princeton to continue to move forward fully reflective of realities, challenges, and aspirations.

—Jess Deutsch ’91
Associate Director, Student-Athlete Services
Department of Athletics


Dino Palomares

Technical/Web Support Specialist, University Services

"I'd like to send out a special message of gratitude to Dino Palomares who helped with one of our yearly summer processes. Dino, during an already busy time of year, made even more hectic because of COVID-19, you seamlessly stepped in to lend a hand with your always positive attitude and keen attention to detail. I always left our meetings with a smile on my face and with the confidence that you'd have no problem tackling the duties that we had spoken about. I'm grateful for the opportunity to have met you and worked with you for a short time. I cannot tell you how helpful it was to have your assistance with this project and how much your work was appreciated among other Graduate School colleagues. Thank you, Dino!"

—Alyssa Pienciak
Academic Affairs Coordinator
The Graduate School

"I'd like to thank Dino for helping our Academic Affairs team in the Graduate School with one of our yearly processes. You help was fantastic both in the short term of getting the project finished in time, as well as in the long term of helping us rethink how we will approach that yearly process in the future. You input in this latter area has been extremely important and we can't thank you enough. It was a pleasure getting to know you a bit and working with you on this project."

—Geoffrey Hill
Assistant Dean, Academic Affairs
The Graduate School

Ellen DiPippo

Project Manager, Center for Statistics and Machine Learning
"Thank you, Ellen, for stepping in and managing the Video Captioning Pilot Project! Your dedication and skill have been evident from the day you joined the project, and I am grateful on a daily basis. You quickly learned new technologies and strengthened our work processes, and created a capable and spirited team. That you do so with a cross-departmental, cross-functional redeployed and volunteer staff, and now students as well, all working remotely, makes it all the more impressive. Having this project in your capable hands is making it a success. Thank you."

—Mary Albert
Associate Director, Digital Accessibility
Office of Information Technology

Geralyn McDermott

Administrative Assistant, Princeton School of Public and International Affairs

"Geralyn is a superstar — she did an incredible job cleaning up our contact database. Not only that, but she has been a pleasure to work with, and our admin staff has been extremely grateful for her attention to detail, organization, thoroughness, and warm collaborative spirit. THANK YOU, Geralyn!"

—Valerie Ching
Associate Director
Industrial Relations Section