Professional Development

Group of staff members attend class on campus.

Learning Programs & Certificates

Princeton University supports lifelong learning and provides employees with a variety of opportunities to grow and develop skills. Attend department-sponsored classes, participate in a certificate program, or receive financial educational assistance to help realize your personal and professional goals. Also, refer to the Employee Learning Center.

Career Development

As an educational institution, Princeton encourages employees to grow personally and professionally throughout one’s career by offering many educational opportunities and benefits to acquire new skills and knowledge. HR is committed to supporting and guiding employees’ personal and professional development, their abilities, skills, and contributions to provide essential support for the University’s teaching and research activities.

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Excelling at Princeton Program

Excelling at Princeton is a skill-enhancement program with four course options:

  • Computers in the Workplace
  • Effective Communication (oral and written)
  • English as a Second Language I and II
  • Becoming a New Supervisor (for new supervisors only)
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Inclusion & Diversity Certificate Program

The path to an inclusive Princeton University begins with each individual. The Inclusion & Diversity Certificate Program (I&DCP) takes the core competencies of inclusion and diversity, effective and open communication, appreciation of and respect for differences, and emotional intelligence, in an effort to make the University a more respectful and inclusive workplace.

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Management Development Certificate Program

The Management Development Certificate Program (MDCP) provides learners with a structured, holistic learning experience that targets the key skills and competencies needed to manage effectively. 

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New Manager Orientation

Princeton University values and supports its managers who are charged with leading staff and creating an inclusive environment that will carry forward the work and mission of the University. To understand the scope of responsibilities, new managers should review Policy 1.1.4 Responsibilities of Supervisors within their first week and meet with their manager to discuss job responsibilities, onboarding, and opportunities to learn more about the University. In addition, there are several classes that can help new managers learn more about their leadership role and Princeton University’s mission and values.

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Princeton Deconstructed

Princeton Deconstructed is a series of sessions designed to help staff members at all levels become familiar with key University operations, mission, and goals as well as have the opportunity to hear from senior leaders.

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SEIU Summer Transfer Program

The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Summer Transfer Program (STP) has been a collaborative initiative between University management and the union since the mid-1990s to offer annual developmental opportunities for eligible SEIU employees. It offers selected SEIU employees the opportunity to transfer to other positions at the University for the summer to develop new knowledge and increase skillsets. During the program, participants are expected to demonstrate initiative toward building new networks and new competencies for professional growth and development.

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Learn Something Series

The Learn Something Series, launched during the coronavirus pandemic, offers you curated content on specific relevant topics to learn at your own pace. The subjects chosen — resilience, trust, and communication — are relevant to adjusting to the “current norm” of the virtual workplace. 

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Staff Educational Assistance Plan