Open Enrollment Has Come to a Close

Nov. 15, 2019

A highlight during the Benefits Open Enrollment period is the Benefits Fair. On October 23, 2019, more than 700 employees visited the main campus event at Frist.

We caught up with several staff members to find out why they attended. Here is what they shared:

Brandon Pepper
“I attended today to get more information on financial planning. I had a good experience talking to the people at CAPTRUST who told me about some of the plans and I set up a meeting with them.”
Brandon M. Pepper
Building Services Supervisor, Facilities, Operations

Mindy Lipman
“All of the staff in my department look forward to coming every year. There is so much information...some resources we know about but have forgotten the details, so it helps to be reminded. In some cases, maybe last year something wasn’t relevant, but now it is, so it catches our attention. It’s always great to learn about a new vendor that can be useful.”  
Mindy G. Lipman
Business Manager, Department of Astrophysical Sciences
James Van Wyck
"One of the difficult things about Princeton is the amount of resources we have, so it’s hard to navigate sometimes when you are looking at them individually. When you come to an event like this and see them all in one place, you can find out more about resources you knew about and discover new ones. TIAA through Princeton is a really easy way to manage your retirement account. The app and the online experience are great. The Employee Assistance Program and also the child care support are important to me because I have three kids.”
James M. Van Wyck
Professional Development Program Specialist, The Graduate School
Chirada DeToro

“I came today because I had specific questions for Aetna about coverage and billing. They were able guide me in the right direction. Carebridge is something I’ve used for my family, so that’s been very helpful.”
Chirada DeToro
Culinary Production Manager, University Services, Campus Dining

Askia Brown

“I attended today particularly to get more information from Isles and TIAA. I’ve had excellent experience with both of them in the past.”
Askia Brown
Custodian, Facilities, Operations

Ian and Claire
I’m always excited to learn and talk to the folks about the ERGs. I think people may not always associate ERGs with benefits, but it’s certainly a benefit that I use and will continue to use because it helps build connections with other staff outside of our office. I’ve gotten to know a few folks across the University who share the same identity or same life experiences, so that’s really cool.
Ian D. Deas
Program Coordinator, Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students

"I learned about Teladoc through the Benefits Fair in the past and that has been a really great resource for me that I’m happy with in. It’s helpful being here in person to ask questions."
Claire Pinciaro
Leadership Program Coordinator, Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students
Mitra Kelly2
“I’ve been attending the benefits fair every year for 20 years, and I love the fact I can talk to the reps myself. I come with my questions and everyone is eager to answer, which is really great. I’ve used My Health Coach. I have talked to the credit union and definitely always visit the Aetna table. Each year there is something different.
Mitra D. Kelly
Academic Support III, Department of Computer Science

If you have questions about taking care of your physical, mental, and financial well-being, contact the Benefits Team at (609) 258-3302 or

Photos by Sameer Khan, Fotobuddy Photography