HR Launches “Human” Webpage for Staff Gratitude & Engagement

July 23, 2020

Introducing The "Human" Side of COVID-19, a webpage that encourages connections between colleagues as well as provides ways to learn, grow, and stay engaged with campus life as we know it.

Staff member holds a thank you sign
A simple message can make all the difference. Ian Deas, from the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students, shares a message of gratitude: "Thank you to all the workers who’ve put themselves at risk to support our students. Your dedication and sacrifice make Princeton the best place of all."

Our daily lives have changed so much. We miss you and conversations in our work spaces, sharing stories during a walk, debating over lunch, and learning at a seminar that isn’t through Zoom. While some of us are working remotely and others are working on campus with social distancing, simply put, we miss in-person connections!   

Although nothing can take the place of human interaction, HR is introducing The "Human" Side of COVID-19, a webpage that cultivates connections among colleagues and provide ways for us as individuals and as a community to learn, grow, and stay engaged with campus life.

Here is what you will find:

  • “Show Your Gratitude.” Give thanks to staff for ongoing efforts to keep Princeton operational.
  • “Share Your Inspiration. Inspire Others.” Tell us how you stay positive and motivated.
  • “It’s Okay Not to Feel Okay.” Know how to take care of yourself and your family.
  • “Continuing to Promote a Culture of Inclusivity, Engagement, and Belonging.” Find resources to help you develop a fuller understanding of race-related issues and create an even more inclusive Princeton.
  • “Making the Most of Virtual Learning.” Maintain your professional growth journey.

Whether you are working at home or on campus with social distancing, it is no easy adjustment. Above all, know that we are in this together, once again proving how much we value the people with whom we work, as a team, contributing to the excellence of Princeton.

To stay connected to Princeton’s vibrant staff community, follow the @workingatprinceton Instagram feed.
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