HR Launches Virtual Learning Series

May 13, 2020

During this unprecedented time when many aspects of work and personal lives are altered, learning and professional development continue to offer employees a reaffirming path for growth and wellness.

To that end, HR launched the Learn Something Series, which provides learners with curated content on specific relevant topics to learn at their own pace, as their work and life schedule allows. "In times of crisis, it's important to support colleagues, celebrate team accomplishments, and give ourselves self-compassion," said Nicole Klein, senior learning and development specialist in the Office of Human Resources. "We hope staff members find this series useful and adaptable to their learning needs at this time. Even if we cannot be in the same classroom — discussing and sharing in real time — we can continue to 'learn something' and, as a result, inspire ourselves and one another.”

In times of crisis, it's important to support colleagues, celebrate team accomplishments, and even give ourselves self-compassion. 

–Nicole Klein, senior learning and development specialist

The subjects chosen are relevant to adjusting to the “current norm” of the virtual workplace:

Building Resilience in Crisis

During this pandemic, individuals may be confronted by fear and lack of information. However, everyone has the capability to build resilience through acknowledging one's emotions, connecting with others, and finding ways to be self-compassionate. Resilience can be learned, and it can be individuals' greatest strength in these uncertain times.

Building Trust Remotely

When employees work remotely, building and maintaining trust becomes incredibly important, not impossible. By staying connected and communicating and sharing their humanity, they can build bonds and demonstrate their commitment, no matter the distance.

Building a Communication Culture When Working Remotely

Communication is a critical competency when leading and working in a remote environment. A strong communication culture includes good practices to help build and sustain remote teams. Setting up time for connection, collaboration, and celebration are among the practices that contribute to higher employee engagement and productivity.

For more information and to get started, visit the Learn Something Series webpage.

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