New COVID-19 Days Policy Now Available

March 20, 2020

The University is providing up to a maximum of 14 COVID-19 days as described by policy 3.1.13 Covid-19 Days that are intended to assist benefits-eligible employees who are unable to work, either on campus or remotely, because of hardships related to the coronavirus. These could range from the health effects of COVID-19 itself to indirect consequences, such as childcare issues caused by school closings.Time may be taken in full or partial days or in hourly increments.

These days are to be used by staff in consultation with their managers. Because many staff are urgently needed at this time, the use of COVID-19 days requires management approval.

Individuals may charge coronavirus-related absences to COVID-19 Days effective March 16 rather than first exhausting their sick, personal, and vacation days. Regular paid time off policies only apply if and when all 14 COVID-19 Days are exhausted.

COVID-19 Days are separate and distinct from those when staff may be working from home, for which no leave time is needed.

A special COVID-19 code in Absence Management for individuals to charge time accordingly is available.

Given the unpredictable nature of this health emergency, the University will revisit this and other policies and practices approximately every three weeks or as required by any major developments related to the pandemic.

Staff or managers who have questions should contact their senior HR manager.


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