New Time Off Policy for Arranging Care & Improvements to Short Term Disability and Family Leave Benefits

June 29, 2020

On Monday, June 29, HR announced several policy changes for paid time off, including a new time off benefit for arranging care, for eligible employees, effective July 1, 2020.

3.1.3 Arranging for Care Days: New Policy

Employees with five years of benefits-eligible service are being provided a bank of five days to use during their employment with the University to find and arrange care for aging and/or disabled eligible family members, including children, grandchildren, parents, parents-in-law, grandparents, grandparents-in-law, and siblings. Care services include but are not limited to nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and home care services.

These days can be taken on an intermittent basis in half-day or full-day increments, are prorated for part-time staff based on their duty time, and require supervisory approval. The full policy is available on the HR website.

3.1.13 Paid Family Leave Policy: Revised and Renamed from Paid Parental Leave

In an effort to better assist employees in achieving a balance of work, personal, and family commitments, the University is replacing the paid parental leave policy with a paid family leave policy.

Under the new policy, the University will provide up to two weeks’ paid family leave at 100 percent of base pay annually for eligible leaves that occur on or after July 1, 2020, for the following reasons:

  • To care for a family member who has a serious health condition
  • To bond with a newborn, newly adopted child, or newly-placed foster child
  • To care for a family member who has been a victim of domestic violence or a sexually violent offense.

The definition of eligible family member includes: child, spouse, domestic partner, parent, sibling, grandparent, grandchild, and any other person related by blood or with whom you have a close association that is the equivalent of a family relationship.

The full policy, which is renamed from Paid Parental Leave and updated on July 1, is available on the HR website.

Short Term Disability Plan Change and Revised Policy 3.1.9

Under the University’s Short Term Disability Plan, when employees are unable to perform their jobs for eight consecutive days due to an illness or injury that is not work related, Princeton provides an income replacement plan. For benefits-eligible employees, the first 12 weeks of disability are paid at 100 percent of base salary. Effective July 1, 2020, the remaining 14 weeks will be increased from 75 percent to 85 percent of base salary. For more detailed information about the Short Term Disability Plan, eligibility, benefits, and application process, visit the HR website.

Changes to New Jersey Family Leave Insurance (NJFLI)

In addition, to Princeton’s paid family leave policy, the State of New Jersey provides a paid benefit through NJFLI. Effective July 1, 2020, the following changes apply to NJFLI:

  • Benefits under NJFLI will increase from six to 12 weeks for any period of eligible leave commencing on or after July 1, 2020. This is in addition to the 2 weeks of paid leave provided by the University.
  • Employees who take the leave in intermittent days will be able to claim benefits for up to 56 days, an increase from 42 days.
  • The maximum weekly benefit rate will increase from 66 2/3 percent up to 85 percent of an employee’s average weekly wage, up to a maximum of $881 per week.


To learn more about NJFLI visit the State website or the HR website.


Anyone with questions should contact the Benefits Team at (609) 258-3302.