Open Enrollment: Useful Tools & New Benefits Help You Stay Healthy & Keep Your Costs Down

Oct. 27, 2021

Two simple words: Open Enrollment. They mean so much to your health and wellness, but they may also invoke an overwhelming feeling when it comes to making the right decisions for you and your family. Read on to see examples of three life scenarios that call for different resources, and learn how Princeton’s benefits can assist you in meeting your unique needs.  

Open Enrollment 2022

Sue, wife/mother/chief health care officer for her family
Like most moms, Sue manages her family’s medical appointments. This year, when her husband needed to get a knee replacement, she found Castlight, a tool that was especially helpful in finding providers in her plan’s network and comparing prices and quality ratings. Sue was surprised to learn that costs for the same procedure can vary greatly from one health care facility to another, and she was grateful to be able to help her husband choose a facility with high quality ratings and a more reasonable cost. If you are enrolled in a Princeton medical plan, you and your adult dependents have access to Castlight at no cost and can register on their website.

Bob, infrequent health care user
Bob never thought much about health care before, and never needed to use his health plan that often. But this year, he was diagnosed with a chronic condition that requires careful management. Suddenly, what had been routine decisions for Bob now seemed complicated and confusing. To help guide Bob to the right medical plan for his needs, Bob can now use Picwell, a fast and simple tool that only takes six minutes or less to use from a computer or mobile device. All information shared with Picwell is confidential and anonymous.

Mary, budget-conscious planner
Mary is saving up to buy her first home and is extremely conscious of her budget. Her health is important to her, so she wants to ensure that she is prepared for health care expenses today and into the future. She plans to enroll in the Consumer Directed Health Plan (CDHP) and the Health Saving Account to take advantage of Princeton’s new contribution of $200 ($400 if she selects spouse, child(ren), or family coverage) into her HSA. With the low employee premium to enroll in the CDHP, and this tax-free HSA contribution, Mary can save money and meet her goals.

Taking the time to understand the tools and resources available to you is critical to your physical, mental, and financial wellness. Don’t miss out on Open Enrollment 2022, going on now until Friday, November 12, 2021.