American Healthcare Leader (AHL): Linda Nilsen Understands the Benefits of a Collaborative Culture

Jan. 21, 2022

Linda Nilsen develops human resources initiatives at Princeton that reflect and reinforce the University’s mission.

By Natalie Kochanov, American Healthcare Leader (AHL)

Linda Nilsen

As the institution’s assistant vice president of compensation and benefits, Linda Nilsen knows Princeton University inside and out, from its people to its programs. She also knows what attracts new talent to the university—and how recent hires begin their own journey toward understanding campus culture.

“You go through a mission orientation when you join Princeton,” Nilsen explains. “People here are seeking more than just a job or benefits. People come here to be part of our culture and our mission. Every employee at the university has an impact on the student experience and the research happening here, no matter what their role is.”

Nilsen’s own role is to steer human resources (HR) initiatives that not only bring people to Princeton in the first place, but also keep them there by furnishing them with the individualized support they need to thrive. To that end, she makes a point of prioritizing employee health and wellness and fostering a collaborative culture across the university.

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