Staff Spotlight: Supporting the Evolution of Technology

June 13, 2022

Julie Angarone helps keep the Department of Art and Archaeology up to date with the continuous evolution of technology. As Departmental Computing Support Specialist, Julie makes a significant contribution toward the University’s mission to advance learning through scholarship, research, and teaching of unsurpassed quality.

Julie Angarone poses with Princeton's tiger mascot.

Julie Angarone

By Vanessa Livingstone, Office of Human Resources

“With technology, you have to change.”

No two days are alike for Departmental Computing Support Specialist Julie Angarone. Within the Department of Art and Archaeology, Julie serves as the computer expert — and as technology evolves, so do her knowledge and abilities.

I've been in the same chair for 24 years, but I have not had the same tasks for 24 years.

Julie’s responsibilities include building and maintaining the department’s website, creating the department’s annual newsletter, assisting faculty with in-class support, designing promotional materials, and editing videos. However, among her wide range of capabilities, Julie is most proud of teaching a Winter Session course on the intricacies of Microsoft Word.

The course instructs students how to use Microsoft Word’s productivity tools, such as tables of contents, styles, illustrations, and cross-references. Julie’s favorite part is the awe expressed by students once they realize the amount of time and effort their newly-learned skills will save. “I’ve had graduate students come back to me years later and tell me they’re still using my methods to write papers,” she says. She hopes to one day teach her course regularly to the entire campus community.

Julie’s contributions allow the Department of Art and Archaeology to fulfill the University’s mission of teaching of unsurpassed quality. Julie works with professors to ensure their projection equipment is working properly and that they know how to use the necessary software and applications. “If their computers aren’t working, they’re not able to teach,” she says.

Since joining the University 24 years ago, Julie has taken full advantage of the opportunities to advance her personal life and education, as well as her family’s. Her children attended summer camp at Dillon Gym growing up, and now one of them utilizes the Children’s Educational Assistance Plan, while the other is a recent Princeton graduate. Julie herself has also earned three degrees: a bachelor of science in natural science and math, a master of science in technical communication, and a master of science in instruction.

“I like to say that Princeton has given me so much,” she says. “I think the University goes above and beyond and I work hard every day to deserve everything Princeton has given me.”

Julie Angarone makes more impact than you can imagine.

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