Staying Well with Princeton Benefits, January 2022

Jan. 10, 2022

Happy New Year! Now is the time to reflect on the last year and celebrate your accomplishments. It is also a good time to acknowledge which area(s) of your health and wellness need improvement. Start with one or two new realistic goals and add additional ones throughout the year. And remember to use all the support and tools that are available to help you along the way.

Consider setting financial goals at the beginning of the new year, too, like saving for a vacation, setting aside emergency funds, improving your credit score, paying off debt, and planning for the future.

As a reminder, the annual 403(b) contribution limits for 2022 have changed from 2021. If you are under age 50, the annual contribution limit is $20,500. If you are age 50 or older in the calendar year, you may contribute an extra $6,500 “catch-up” contribution, for a total annual contribution limit of $27,000.

Taking care of your physical, mental, and financial wellness is extremely important. We hope this monthly benefits newsletter will make it easy and convenient for you to do just that.


My Health Coach

Quick Nutrition Tips for the New Year
Health Coaches and Registered Dietitian Nutritionists Heather Behan and Gerry Pierre will share nutrition tips to help you start the new year off right. Whether your goal is to improve your diet, manage a chronic condition, or lose weight, eating well is an important piece of your health journey. A food demo will also be featured.

Thursday, January 27, 11:30 a.m. 
Register through Zoom

Weight Loss Support Group
Studies show surrounding yourself with a strong support network during your weight loss journey is linked to long term success. My Health Coach is offering this NEW service to help participants learn about nutrition and fitness programs that work, as well as to share tips, challenges, and success stories. If interested, please call (866) 237-0973.

Meet Our New Health Coach, Heather Behan
Heather is a registered dietitian with over 10 years of experience. In her role, she will strive to help you meet your health and wellness goals by providing support, education, and motivation. Heather is available by appointment Tuesday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and Monday from 11:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Get more details on the My Health Coach program.

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Early detection saves lives! Introducing a new tool from MSK Direct. Simply answer a few questions to get personal screening recommendations and advice on how to lower your risk for cancer.


Health screenings can help find diseases early, when they may be easiest to treat, even before you have symptoms. Talk to your doctor about when you should get these common screening tests based on your age, health history, and other personal risk factors. If you have questions on any screenings, need assistance finding a specialist or an independent, in-network facility, please reach out to Health Advocate at (866) 695-8622.

Learn more about Health Advocate.



Jump Start to a Healthier You
When making a change or achieving a new goal, getting started is often the hardest part. During this presentation, you'll learn why most initial efforts to change don't work and discover how you can set goals for lasting success.

Thursday, January 20, 11:00 a.m. 
Register through Zoom

Carebridge Counseling Program Will be Remote in January
There will be no in-person appointments this month. If you would like to speak confidentially with a Carebridge counselor, schedule a free phone or video consult on their appointment website.

Princeton’s Arranging for Care Policy
Finding and arranging care for an aging and/or disabled family member can be stressful. The University provides up to 5 days during an eligible employee’s employment to allow time for activities such as researching, interviewing, and touring nursing homes, care facilities, home care services, and assisted living facilities. For more information on this policy, visit the HR website or call the Benefits Team at (609) 258-3302.

Be kind to your mind! Discover the ways Carebridge, our Employee Assistance Program, can support you and your family.



CAPTRUST’s number one mission is to connect participants with timely, relevant, and actionable content to help you make smarter financial decisions and ultimately retire with confidence. This benefit is free, completely confidential, and provided by a company that has no products or services to sell you.

CAPTRUST Financial Advisors will be conducting virtual and phone consultations on January 28.

Topics covered in the 45-minute individual advisory sessions include retirement and general financial planning and investment education and advice. Schedule your appointment.

To speak to a counselor about the University’s retirement plan and/or other financial issues, call the Retirement Advice Line at (800) 967-9948. For more information, including articles, videos, and other valuable resources, visit the CAPTRUST website.


Keep your financial goals on track with TIAA’s live webinars, including the upcoming “Social Security Considerations.” For the complete listing of this month’s TIAA webinars, visit the registration page.

TIAA offers individual retirement counseling sessions, either online or by phone, which provide in-depth planning assistance. To schedule an appointment, register online.


Isles is dedicated to helping people manage everyday money issues such as budgeting, saving, and reducing debt. They also provide HUD-certified housing counselors who can assist those looking to purchase a first home, as well as those having difficulty meeting their mortgage or rent obligations. Counseling is available in English and Spanish.  

Learn more about the programs and services provided by Isles.

The Employee Wellness Center @ 350 Alexander

Whatever challenges you’re facing, help is available. Get more details on the HR website.

NOTE: There will be no in-person appointments in January. Carebridge onsite counseling programs and the Health Coaches will meet by phone or video.

The Doctors in Your Office program is paused this month, but be sure not to delay getting your annual physical if you are overdue.


For questions about physical or mental wellness resources, contact Lynn Herbine. For financial wellness inquiries, contact Jane Edgar. The Benefits Team is available to assist at (609) 258-3302 or [email protected]. For complete details on all wellness resources and programs, visit the HR website.