Update Your Personal Information for Open Enrollment

Sept. 7, 2022

As we prepare for the Annual Open Enrollment mailing, we ask that you update your personal information in HR Self Service, including home address, mobile phone, email address, emergency contact information, and marital status. It is also important that you review your disability and military status for accuracy as the University is federally required to track this information to ensure equal employment opportunity is provided. Finally, we strongly encourage you to select the paperless option, which enables us to deliver most benefit communications to you digitally.  

To ensure we process your new information before the Open Enrollment mailing, make these changes by October 1.

Update Personal Information

Update Disability and Veteran Status

Select Paperless Delivery

  1. Log in to HR Self Service
  1. Log in to HR Self Service
  1. Log in to HRSelf Service
  1. Click on Personal Details
  1. Click on Personal Details
  1. Click on Benefit Details
  1. Under the appropriate tile, review your information and make changes by clicking on the arrow
  1. Under Disability and Veteran Status, review your information
  1. Click on Go Paperless
  1. Enter your changes and click Save
  1. Enter your changes and click Submit
  1. Make your selection and click Save

If you require assistance with your Princeton account or password, contact the OIT Support and Operations Center (SOC) at (609) 258-4357 (8-HELP).