HR Launches Second Learn Something Series

Jan. 10, 2023
Continue on Your Journey. Learn. Grown. Inspire.

Prioritizing and finding the time for professional development can be difficult. For this reason, Learning and Development continues to offer employees a reaffirming path for growth and continuous learning. With HR's newly launched second Learn Something Series, learners are provided curated content on specific relevant topics to learn at their own pace, as their busy work and life schedules allow.

"As we build relationships across our University community, we have the opportunity to recognize our humanity and build connection,” said Nicole Klein, senior learning and development specialist in the Office of Human Resources. "We hope staff members explore the topics of empathy, listening, and vulnerability and dive deeply into how we can make our relationships stronger. Even when we cannot attend an in-person or virtual class, or in instances where we desire supplemental learning — we can 'learn something' and, as a result, be better leaders, colleagues, and team members.”

The chosen topics — empathy, listening, and vulnerability — are critical to our ability to form strong relationships where colleagues feel recognized, understood, and trusted. 


Empathy allows us to connect with others by recognizing their perspective and emotions. Often empathy is thought of as expressing pity or feeling sorry for someone. Rather, empathy enables us to understand people’s feelings and behavior, express understanding, and respond with compassion and support.


We listen every day. Yet, upon reflection, many leaders and employees admit they find it hard to truly listen to others. By exploring why listening is so important, and how to do it better, we can enhance our relationships.


Vulnerability requires courage and strength to express who we really are and what we genuinely think and feel. In the workplace, vulnerability is at the root of authentic leadership and meaningful connection. Leaders and employees are embracing vulnerability to enable greater trust, honesty, and creativity in their teams and relationships.

For more information and to get started, visit the Learn Something Series webpage.