Thrive Every Day, November 2023

Nov. 17, 2023
Thrive At Princeton. Thrive Every Day. Make the Most of Your Princeton Benefits

November Events

What You Need to Know This Month

National Diabetes Awareness Month

  • Diabetes has no cure, but the disease can be prevented, delayed, or managed by incorporating healthy lifestyle habits into your daily routine and taking prescribed medications when needed.
  • Diabetes can lead to many serious health complications, including heart disease, kidney disease, eye problems, nerve damage, and other dangerous issues, so talk to you doctor about getting screened.
  • How do I know if I have diabetes or pre-diabetes? A hemoglobin A1C test, is a simple blood test that accurately measures your average blood sugar levels over the past three months.

Princeton’s Diabetes Management Incentive Program

  • Manage the disease through My Health Coach.
  • A $250 taxable cash incentive and copay waivers for many medications, testing supplies, and other devices.
  • To qualify, you must be enrolled in a Princeton Medical plan.

National Smoking Cessation and Lung Cancer Awareness Month

  • The Great American Smokeout, sponsored by the American Cancer Society, is November 16. You don’t have to stop smoking in one day. Start with day one.
  • QuitSmart™ Mindfully is and interactive, 10-week, on-line mindfulness program that helps you quit smoking for good. Learn how to decrease cravings, reduce stress levels, and incorporate new healthy activities in to your life so you don’t get the urge to smoke.
  • Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) is available through My Health Coach. Let them help you begin your journey to a smoke-free life.

National Caregiver’s Month

  • Princeton gives you 100 hours of elder care and/or child care each calendar year, through Bright Horizons, when you need help because your regular caregiving arrangement is unavailable. Elder care is a taxable benefit and child care may be taxed if you exceed $5,000 per calendar year for child care benefits.
    • To use the program, register at Bright Horizons – Username: Princeton, Password: care4you.
  • Carebridge can also help with caregiving needs, including finding daycare, finding a nanny, finding eldercare facilities, activities, programs, transportation, and much more.
  • Princeton provides Paid Family Leave at 100% base pay up to two weeks for caring for a family member who has a serious health condition or is a victim of sexual or domestic violence.
  • Princeton provides up to five paid days to arrange care for aging and/or disabled eligible family members for researching, interviewing, and touring nursing homes, care facilities, home care services, and assisted living facilities.

Financial Planning

Announcement: 2024 Annual IRS Contribution Limits for the Retirement Savings Plan 403(b)

The annual 403(b) contribution limits for 2024 have changed from 2023. If you are under age 50, the annual contribution limit is $23,000. If you are age 50 or older in the calendar year, you may contribute an extra $7,500 “catch-up” contribution, for a total annual contribution limit of $30,500.

  • TIAA offers individual retirement plan advice, either by phone, virtually, or in person. To schedule an advice session with TIAA, call 800-842-2776 or make an appointment online. For a Spanish Speaking Advisor, call (800) 414-5180.
  • CAPTRUST is an independent investment advisory firm that provides free, confidential investment and financial advice to retirement plan participants. For information, including articles, videos and other valuable resources, visit their website. To speak to a counselor about the University’s retirement plan and/or other financial issues, call the Retirement Advice Line at (800) 967-9948.
  • Isles is dedicated to helping people manage everyday money issues such as budgeting, saving, and reducing debt. Contact Isles at (609) 341-4714.  Counseling is available in English and Spanish.

Wellness Support at Anytime!

Professional help is available 24/7 through Carebridge. Call (800) 437-0911, visit their website (use code TW8AE to register), or download their App from Apple or Google Play.

Employee Wellness Center

The Employee Wellness Center @ 350 Alexander Street is your place for in-person consultations. 

Schedule a free, confidential appointment with one of these resources:


For questions about physical or mental wellness resources, contact Lynn Herbine. For financial wellness inquiries, contact Jane Edgar. The Benefits Team is available to assist at (609) 258-3302 or [email protected]. For complete details on all wellness resources and programs, visit the HR website.