Notes of Gratitude During Thanksgiving

Having an “attitude of gratitude” can often lift our spirits and help us to appreciate the positives in life, especially after all we’ve been through the last 18+ months!  With Thanksgiving on the horizon, now is the perfect time to express kind words of thanks to colleagues.

Below are the messages of gratitude that we are receiving. We encourage you to check back often and to follow us on Instagram for more!


Custom Solutions & Integrations & User Experience

Custom Solutions & Integrations & User Experience Team

"Dear CSI and UX team...Thank you for your efforts and great attitude all year!"

—Eemaan Siddiqi
Director for Custom Solutions & Integration
Software Application Services, OIT







Library Building Custodial Staff

"I appreciate that walking in each morning, I know I will find tidy bathrooms, soap and paper towels ample, the kitchen clean, and the hallways shining. In a time of uncertainty and stress, having this constancy has been comforting."

—Anonymous Employee


Greg Duncan

"Greg — Thank you for helping me grow in both my professional role and my personal passions here at Princeton! You made working during this pandemic a fun and rewarding experience, and I always feel so incredibly supported by you and the work we do together. Thanks for everything!"

—Carrie Collins
Business Operations Administrator
Keller Center for Innovation in Engineering Education


HR Communications Team

"I am so grateful for such a caring, wonderful, and inspiring team! You motivate me each day to do my absolute best. Thank you for all that you do!"

—Amy Pretz
HR Communications and Digital Media Specialist
Office of Human Resources


"I am so thankful for my HR Communications colleagues! I love the work we do. I learn from them and have fun with them...what more could you ask for!"

—Anita Fresolone
Senior HR Communications and Events Specialist
Office of Human Resources


Special Collections

"I am grateful for all my colleagues in Special Collections, Firestone and Mudd. I am proud to work with such a smart and dedicated group of people."

—Dan Linke
Archivist and Deputy Head of Special Collections
Library — Special Collections


Beth Jarvie

"Beth — Thank you for being such an incredible support system during the pandemic! You've helped me build important processes, listened to grievances, provided counsel, and been an overall super fun friend and colleague to work with. Thanks for everything!"

—Carrie Collins
Business Operations Administrator
Keller Center for Innovation in Engineering Education


Ana Mendez

"Ana is always a pleasure to see in the morning as I get to my office in Frist. She always has a cheerful hello and keeps the third floor at Frist immaculate. Thank you Ana for being a sunny part of my day even when it is raining!"

—Marguerite Vera
Senior Associate Director
Campus Support Services, University Services


Team AEEL — Alejandra Iglesias, Krystyn Kitto, & Micaela Ortiz

Drawing of Princeton shield and tiger saying "thanks."

"I have the great pleasure of working with an amazing team of women who are passionate, enthusiastic, funny, and incredibly supportive of me and of one another. Many thanks go out to Alejandra, Krystyn, and Micaela for all they have done and continue to do for Princeton students and alumni. I am grateful for each of you and all you bring to our team!"

—Andria Mirabal
Senior Associate Director for Alumni Engagement and Experiential Learning
Center for Career Development



Jeanette Turner

"You are a natural leader who we are so fortunate to work with everyday. Thank you for your kindness, support, understanding, and guidance. But most importantly, thank you for making us laugh often."

—Anonymous Employee


Politics Department

"When I had to have emergency surgery in November, all of my coworkers went above and beyond. They texted me after the procedure, offered to come to the hospital if no one else could make it on time, and volunteered to do my grocery shopping since I can’t lift anything heavy for six weeks. I have never felt more supported by so many people in a workplace! What an amazing, kind, and empathetic group. I’m grateful to be apart of it."

—Anna Stroinski
Department Coordinator


Garrett Meggs

"I just want to send you a message of gratitude for all the fantastic work that you do. You have been so amazingly wonderful and gracious in working with me, with the DSLs, with fellow staff members, and with fellow students. I am grateful for your friendship."



David Stirk

"You are an amazing supervisor! I am grateful for your mentorship, your guidance, and your friendship. I have worked at many universities and colleges and you have been one of the best. I am lucky to have you as my supervisor and so is everyone at Butler!"



Maureen Thompson-Siegel

"For always knowing exactly how to help when I reach out. I'm very grateful!"

—Jennifer Speed
Research Development Strategist
Office of the Dean for Research


Marvin Waterman

"Marvin's encyclopedic knowledge of all things tech is matched with an unparalleled generosity of spirit. I'm honored to work with colleagues like Marvin!"

—James Van Wyck
Assistant Dean for Graduate Student Professional Development
Office of the Dean of the Graduate School


Michael "Mickey" Franz

"We are thankful for all that you do to support our work, Mickey!"

—The PLAS Team
Program in Latin American Studies


The PLAS Team

"I am grateful to be a part of one of the best units on campus. Many thanks to the Program in Latin American Studies (PLAS) team — Damaris, Eneida, and Jeremiah — for everything you do on a daily basis for PLAS and for making it such a special place to work!"

—Rebecca Aguas
Program Manager
Program in Latin American Studies


MaryAnn Mancuso

"MaryAnn is always ready to help. She is super-busy but spends time patiently working with me through the issue at hand. I'm thankful for her and happy that she is only a phone call away!"

—Marianne King
Financial & Administrative Assistant
Office of the Dean of the College


Office of Diversity & Inclusion, Campus Life

"Thank you for creating spaces for staff in Campus Life to learn and grow in our commitment to diversity and inclusion. I am especially grateful for the Restorative Justice Circle trainings which have provided a new practice for me to employ in my work with students and colleagues. Thank you!"

—Anonymous Employee


Chris Cane, John Greenwald, Raphael Rosen, Jeanne Jackson DeVoe, Elle Starkman, & Kyle Palmer

"I am sincerely grateful for all you do on behalf of the Lab and our goals. We rarely stop to recognize our efforts and what a profound impact you have on our mission to the nation, and to humanity. Thank you for all you do; I truly appreciate you."

—Lawrence Bernard
Deputy Head
Communications and Public Outreach, Princeton Plasma Physics Lab


Office of Human Resources Benefits Team

Benefits Team

"During Open Enrollment, and all year long, I'm grateful for the Human Resources Benefits team for caring about the health and wellness of Princeton faculty and staff. Through the monthly benefits newsletter, as well as all the materials provided during Open Enrollment, the team makes it as easy as possible for everyone to understand and select the benefits and resources that are most helpful to us."

—Gloria Rosanio
Manager, HR Communications
Human Resources







Nicole M. VanMorter

"I would like to thank Nicole for taking time to train me on Princeton systems and for her wonderful job aids. She manages to carve out time to answer all questions and always has a smile on her face."

—Rita Jain
Sponsored Research Accounting, Office of VP for Finance & Treasurer


Brian Burgher

"Brian has such a great attitude when he's helping people out with their tech issues. Nothing is too much bother. I'm thankful for him."

—Anonymous Employee


Sponsored Research Accounting Department

"Thanks to Sponsored Research Accounting Team for making me feel welcome."

—Rita Jain
Sponsored Research Accounting, Office of VP for Finance & Treasurer


First Campus Dining Managers & Team

"The workplace is an important part of my life. It carries a lot of weight for my physical, psychological, and social well-being. To be a part of the team that makes the workplace and work delightful goes a long way to give you a better quality of life. I am grateful for my new job! I am grateful to managers for their guidance and great mentorship. I am grateful to my colleagues for their kind support and cooperation. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

—Marina Nozadze
Retail Food Service Worker — Frist Campus Center
Campus Dining, University Services


Shared Services Team

"Thank you to a terrific group of people! I enjoy working with you and appreciate all that you do to support the exciting work of our faculty and researchers at Princeton University!"

—Jean Durbin
Contracts Manager
Procurement Services, Office of the VP for Finance and Treasure


David Parks

"This is a small way to say thank you, again and again, for your support and friendship and creative brain-busting! Thank you for all that you do for all of us at Finance Technology. You are the best."



Procurement Operations

"I have had the experience of working in many organizations across several industries, but none other has been as gratifying as working with this dedicated team. What they do to support the University and its mission is largely happening behind the scenes, but what they do is vital in ensuring the University is able to fulfill its mission. I want to give a tremendous shout out to this team for their consummate dedication in supporting campus. It is an honor and privilege to be part of this team. Happy holidays and thank you for all that you do!"



Office of Human Resources at PPPL

"Thank you for all the hard work you put in daily! I enjoy being a part of a fun and collaborative team who steps in and saves the day on multiple occasions! Cheers to 2022!! #PPPL #HRrocks"

—Barbara Harrison
Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Business Partner
Human Resources, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory


Greg Schpakow, Tim Conwell, Carl Wojtkowiak, Jeff Bennett, Rich McDonough, & the Facilities Tradesworkers

"Thanks so much for coming onsite throughout the pandemic and keeping PPPL's infrastructure running. Knowing you were all onsite taking care of the place made working remotely possible and productive for the rest of us around the Lab. I can't be more thankful for your effort, sacrifice, and dedication."

—Chris Roames
Facilities Strategic Planner
Facilities, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory


Cathy Saville

"Thank you Cathy for your support and guidance through this difficult year."



Frank Hoffmann & Greg Tchilinguirian

"Frank Hoffmann and Greg Tchilinguirian are consummate professionals who have been extraordinarily generous with their time and expertise. Without their patience and direction, progress on the I&C Operator Modules would be dead in the water. I am grateful to them...and for them."

—Lonnie McCullough
Heating Group


Mike Kozic, Steve Tureikas, & John Dellas

"With open arms and exemplary patience, Mike and Steve welcomed me into the Motor Generator building and the world of power generation. They gave me a desk, and made me feel like a member of the team. Every member of the Motor Generator crew took time to explain the complex nature of their universe. My new understanding of the system would have been impossible without them. I am fortunate to be a part of of their company. Thanks also to John Dellas who welcomes me into his office every Friday to answer questions and provide encouragement."

—Lonnie McCullough
Heating Group


Julie Weiss

"Thank you for the amazing job you do every day! I am grateful for all of your help. Julie, your attention to details is bar none."

—Marianne Tyrrell
Sr. Administrative Assistant
Engineering, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory







Peter Dugan

"Thanks Peter — I appreciate your tenacity in the relentless pursuit of building a better Engineering Environment supported by a Virtual Engineering Enterprise!"

—Douglas Bishop
Design Control Engineer
Engineering and Technical Infrastructure, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory


Prentice Bisbal

"Thank you for always going 'all in' on problems and finding solutions! I admire your positive attitude."

—Douglas Bishop
Design Control Engineer
Engineering and Technical Infrastructure, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory


Antonio Falcon & Jessica Guttenfelder

"Drafting the Ion Source Operator Manual would be impossible without the patient and persistent direction provided by Antonio. He is knowledgeable, thoughtful, and determined to help me create an accurate and engaging training document. To say I am grateful is insufficient. I am, naturally, but more importantly, in Antonio, I have found a friend. Can't ask for more than that. And to Jessica, who is also a friend; her willingness to synthesize highly complex information into something understandable to the uninitiated is laudatory...and appreciated."

—Lonnie McCullough
Heating Group


Danny Ascione

"Danny, thank you for supporting and leaning forward with engineering on the Virtual Environment and all of the work that was required to implement the workflow tool. I appreciate your support, not only with this work, but I am impressed and looking forward to building the futuristic engineering and physics digital working environment you crafted. It is great work and will increase engineering capabilities, increase efficiencies across all PPPL, seamlessly connect with HPC, and steer us towards an integrated future. Happy Thanksgiving!"

—Douglas Bishop
Design Control Engineer
Engineering and Technical Infrastructure, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory


John Desandro

"While drafting the Cooling Water System Operator Training Modules, I came to rely on John's expertise and patience. His willingness to sit with me in the 'commissary' to patiently review images of valves, pipes, gauges, and complex water system diagrams continues to be invaluable. Plus, John is a heck of a story teller."

—Lonnie McCullough
Heating Group


Sue Lewis

"THANK YOU for all of your support and guidance this year. I am so appreciative of you. I really enjoy working beside you (albeit virtually!). I am blessed to refer to you as my friend and colleague. Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your time off next week."

—Laura Hefty
Special Events Coordinator/Protocol Officer
Human Resources, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory


Tim Stevenson, Mark Cropper, & Read Langan

"PPPL is fortunate, I believe, to employ a cast of professionals who are extraordinarily rigorous in their pursuit of 'getting it right.' I am fortunate to work closely with Tim, Mark, and Read, who are as rigorous in this pursuit as anyone in the lab. Patient, willing to help, to teach, despite uncompromising workloads, I have come to rely on their expertise and their friendship. In this, I am blessed."

—Lonnie McCullough
Heating Group


Barbara Harrison

"Thank you for your work on inclusion and equity at PPPL. Clearly, we have a long way to go. Although I am not a social person, please let me know if there is anything concrete I can help with! Thank you again for your hard work. We all benefit from your efforts!"

—Sophia Gershman
Research Engineer
Plasma Science and Technology, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory


Laurie Bagley

"Thank you for leading the PPPL Entrepreneur Team and creating an environment for advancing PPPL technologies and interagency collaboration."

—Douglas Bishop
Design Control Engineer
Engineering and Technical Infrastructure, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory


Margaret Carideo

"Thanks Margaret for being there whenever I have had questions these past few months. You've made my onboarding process at PPPL easier and smoother. I find it comforting that I can always turn to you for most of my 'technical' questions...and your responses have always been prompt and accurate — a good definition for efficiency! What more could I ask for? This leaves me to wonder — is there anything you don't know at PPPL? Anyway, 'un grand merci!''



Bill Blanchard

"I meet with Bill weekly to discuss the Vacuum, Fueling, and Wall Conditioning Operator Manuals. At the end of each meeting, I tell Bill his participation has been the best part of my day. The endearment isn't hyperbole. Bill has spent three months helping me and teaching me the intricacies of vacuum pressure and gas injection. Bill often asks me if I understand a particular section, and, if I don't, he explains it in a way someone untrained in the vacuum and fueling arts can understand — slowly, patiently, and methodically. I haven't met him in person yet, thanks to the pandemic. I hope to someday. That will indeed be the best part of my day."

—Lonnie McCullough
Heating Group


Mahlon Lovett

"A wonderful design influence on this University for more than four decades!!!!"

—Anonymous Employee


Dr. Arturo Dominguez

Deedee Ortiz and Dr. Arturo Dominguez

"Thank you so much for keeping me sane this past year and a half. Your leadership, support, and more importantly, your friendship, was so important to me and made me feel valued as a member of the Science Education department. Admittedly, I haven't been at my best lately, but whenever I am feeling like I am not doing my job to the best of my ability, I felt like I could always go to you for feedback and encouragement. Thank you for checking in on us all the time... you'll never know how much that means to me. I am so GRATEFUL for you!! Wishing you and your family the best Holidays EVER! Cheers to 10 more years of working together!"

—Deedee Ortiz
Science Education Program Manager
Communications and Public Outreach, Princeton Plasma Physics Lab




Gray Collins, Stephanie Landers, Victoria Yu, & Melissa Mercuro

"Thank you so much for all the work you did to source information, interview, select and present in your role on this committee [Fisher and Community Engagement Awards Selection Committee]. It was a true pleasure to get to work with each one of you on this and I hope that you enjoyed the awards lunch as much as I did! The Pace Center is grateful to each of you for the time you dedicated to this process during the last month and a half. Our selection process is better for being able to benefit from the perspectives you each brought. Many, many thanks!"

—Evan Schneider
Program Coordinator
Pace Center for Civic Engagement


Hekima Qualls

"Thank you for being a great leader. Your support and belief in your team have motivated us to raise the bar of performance even higher. As a result, we, the procurement team, is working diligently together to meet the needs of the lab. Keep the the good work going. Once again, thank you so much!"

—Pia Wilson
Procurement Specialist IV, Sr. Buyer
Business Operations, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory


Yevgeny Raitses

"Thank you for believing in me and your continuous support!"



Trish Doskoczynski

"You are an amazing colleague and I want you to know how grateful we are to work with you. You are always so positive, engaged, and willing to do whatever it takes to ensure our office is humming right along. Thank you for being you and I hope we will continue to work alongside you for many more years to come!"

—Abby Levin
Executive Assistant to the Vice President and Secretary of the University, and Office Manager in the Office of the President
Office of the President


Dan Tomalin

"Captain Tomalin — you're the best supervisor out there! Chief 60 and Captain 66 but still can't get to a fire while being on shift. Don't worry it will happen one day buddy. Thanks for being the best Captain C Platoon has!!!!!!"

—Anonymous Employee


Greg Schpakow

"Wish you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas. And thanks for everything you have done — I think you know what I mean."

—Kenneth Feeley
Steam Plant Operator
Facilities, Princeton Plasma Physics Lab


Stewart J. Zweben

"I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to you for all your help, support, and encouragement. It truly is a privilege for me to collaborate with you. I hope that I can continue to work with you and explore the avenues of plasma physics."

—Santanu Banerjee
Staff Research Physicist
Plasma Science and Technology, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory


Pamela Serai & Maham Ali

"Thank you Pamela and Maham for everything you do as part of our Advanced Projects and ITER diagnostics teams! Your efforts are greatly appreciated and have immeasurably helped in making our departments as scientifically productive as they are. While your name may not be on our papers as a coauthor, your contribution to our work is not overlooked. Also, thank you for being such an important part of creating the supportive, productive, and pleasant environment that we can all work and thrive within."

—Novimir Pablant
Research Physicist
Advanced Projects, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory