Retiree Dental Care Plan

Princeton University partners with MetLife to administer retirement dental benefits plans, which offer two options for dental coverage for the retiree and eligible dependents. They are:

  • Option 1: Covers preventative and basic dental treatment, e.g., cleanings, X-rays and fillings
  • Option 2: Covers some of the major, more expensive procedures, e.g., like crowns and dentures, in addition to preventative and basic services

With MetLife, retirees have the option of visiting any dentist in MetLife’s Preferred Dentist Program (PDP) or going out-of-network to visit any dentist. MetLife has negotiated fees with participating dentists for all covered services that help save money.

Retirees receive a packet of information and enrollment materials directly from MetLife approximately one to two months after the retirement date, so there might be a gap in coverage if the retiree were covered under a dental plan prior to retirement. The packet includes more detailed information on the plans, the premium rates that are based on the home zip code, and instructions to enroll.

Retirees who were enrolled in a dental plan as an active employee receive a COBRA notification upon retirement. Retirees who want dental coverage throughout their retirement must enroll in one of the retiree dental plan options and disregard the COBRA notification unless there are unusual circumstances. Contact the Benefits Team for guidance.

Princeton retirees have only a one time opportunity to enroll with MetLife. If the retiree does not elect coverage within the required timeframe offered by MetLife, the retiree is unable to elect coverage at a future date. Further, if the retiree terminates the coverage with MetLife, there is no future option to re-elect the coverage.