Return to the Workplace Resources

As the fall semester approaches, some of us will be returning to campus for the first time since 2020. While this is a big transition, we cannot forget that many of our Princeton colleagues have been working on campus throughout the pandemic and will be adjusting to campus changes as well, as many other colleagues return and campus densifies. As we plan for the return, it is important to acknowledge our personal feelings and the uncertainty that lies ahead as we reconnect in-person with our colleagues. Are you excited to return, or anxious? What will be the same? What might be different? Here, we have compiled a list of resources that offer ideas and reflection as we plan for our fall semester together.

Tips for Returning to the Office

Check out these tips for returning to the workplace for both individual contributors and people leaders.

Check out Navigating the COVID-19 Pandemic — The Emotional Roadmap Back to the Office for additional resources and insights.


Communication skills for Workplace Relationships

Here are some friendly reminders of key communication skills that will assist and nurture our relationships as we reconnect with our colleagues. Resources cover listening, trust, empathy, and gratitude:


Leadership and the Return to Office

These resources provide tips for people leaders guiding the return to office, with a focus on compassionate, flexible and inclusive leadership.


Mental Wellness Resources

If you or your loved ones are dealing with a mental health concern, please know, you are not alone.