Employees are eligible to receive pay while they are considered disabled and unable to work as result of carrying or/and delivering a child. The amount of pay is in accordance with the University’s Short Term Disability policy

Short term disability for maternity adheres to the same requirements, procedures, and benefits for all other medical conditions related to personal, non-work-related illnesses or injuries. Short term disability for maternity begins when the employee’s licensed health care provider certifies that employees is not able to work, and it ends when the licensed health care provider determines the employees is able to return to work based on the ability to perform the essential requirements of the position. Refer to policy 3.1.10 Short Term Disability Supplemental Pay for more specific information. 

Once the employee returns from short term disability, the employee may be entitled to additional job protected leave under federal (FMLA) and/or New Jersey state law (NJFLA). In order to receive pay during this time, eligible employees can utilize the University’s eight-week paid family leave, NJ Family Leave Insurance, paid time off, or unpaid leave. Family and medical leave balance information can be accessed through Extended Absence Management.

Following the return to work, the employee may be eligible for financial assistance to care for the child as well as other benefit resources.