Workers' Compensation

If faculty and staff suffer a work-related injury, illness, or disability, the University provides free coverage for medical treatment and wage replacement benefits for an approved absence from work.


  • Eligible faculty and staff are paid 80 percent of base salary wages in effect at the time of the injury or illness for up to 26 weeks.
  • Benefit paid up to the statutory weekly cap is not taxed. Any benefit paid above the weekly cap is taxable income.
  • Vacation accrues during the first three months of workers’ compensation leave.
  • Retirement plan contributions continue based on pay while on workers’ compensation.


  • Princeton University’s plan complies with the Workers’ Compensation Law of the State of New Jersey. It is self-insured and managed by an independent workers’ compensation claims administrator under the University’s Risk Management Department, in partnership with HR.
  • Union employees should refer to their collective bargaining agreement.


This plan, provided at no cost to employees though the workers’ compensation disability benefit, is taxable beyond the statutory benefit.


  • Benefits-eligible faculty and staff are eligible for this enhanced workers’ compensation benefit as of their first day of work. Refer to policy 3.1.11 Workers'Compensation Leave and Benefits for more information on the full eligibility criteria.
  • All other University employees, including employees in their probationary period, non-benefits eligible faculty and staff, and casual employees are eligible for the statutory benefit only.

Deadlines and Application Process

If injured on the job, an employee must immediately contact the supervisor and the Office of Employee Health at (609) 258-5035, except in an emergency situation. If the accident occurs off hours or on a weekend, employees may go to an urgent care facility or emergency room.