Employee Child Care Assistance Program (ECCAP)

The Employee Child Care Assistance Program provides assistance to eligible faculty and staff members to help meet the cost of child care for prekindergarten-aged children. Award amounts are based on prior year’s adjusted gross household income.

Household Income

Award for First Child

Award for Second Child
















  • Total annual household income is less than $130,000 and employee’s spouse or child’s other biological parent works at least 20 hours each week or is a full-time student or is fully disabled
  • Child must be in a pre-k program, attending day care, or have a nanny
  • Spouse or co-applicant must be eligible to work in the United States
  • Requirement to notify the Benefits Office if employment status changes and no longer benefits eligible
  • Only one award granted if both parents work at the University

Applicants must be benefit eligible faculty or staff. Individuals coded as a "no pay" status, visiting faculty, visiting academic professionals, and visiting fellows are not eligible.

Deadlines & Application Process

The ECCAP runs on our fiscal year, July 1 through June 30 of the following year. To receive the full award, applications are due by July 1 annually. Individuals who miss the deadline  may apply any time, however, although the award amount will be prorated based on the month of application. New hires should apply during their enrollment period to receive the maximum award allowable. All information submitted is confidential and will be used to only administer the ECCAP.

To apply for an ECCAP award:

  • Log into HR Self Service.
  • Click on Employee Child Care Assistance.
  • Click on Start a New Application.
  • Upload your previous year’s federal tax return, W2s and two recent paystubs for you and your spouse. If you spouse or co-applicant is a full-time student you must upload their current course enrollment. All information submitted is confidential and will be used to only administer the ECCAP.
  • Upload a letter from the daycare stating child’s enrollment and monthly tuition amount (not required to apply).
How to be reimbursed

To be reimbursed your award please submit a letter from your child’s day care stating your child’s enrollment and their monthly tuition amount or complete an ECCAP Claim Form each month.

Day care letters or completed claim forms should be emailed to Benefits office or sent interoffice to Lynn Herbine, 100 Overlook Center, Suite 400, Princeton, NJ 08540. The deadline to submit claims for the current award year is July 31st. 

If there are any discrepancies between the information in this publication, verbal representations, and the plan documents, the plan documents always govern. Although Princeton intends to continue these benefits, the University reserves the right to amend or terminate these plans at any time.