Long Term Disability Buy-Up Plan

The Long Term Disability (LTD) Buy-up Plan offered through The Hartford allows employees to elect a higher level of LTD coverage to supplement the core LTD plan. Coverage is 66.67% of pre-disability base salary earnings up to a maximum monthly benefit of $15,000 per month. Participation in this plan is voluntary.

On July 1, 2022, this plan will be updated. For more information, refer to the Changes in Benefits announcement.


  • Premiums are deducted on an after-tax basis from the employee’s paycheck. For available rates, refer to the LTD Buy Up Premium Worksheet.
  • Employees have 31 days from the date they become eligible for the core LTD plan to elect the LTD Buy-up Plan without providing evidence of insurability (EOI).
  • Employees may apply for the buy-up at any time during the year after they are eligible for the core plan, but are required to apply through The Hartford's evidence of insurability (EOI).
  • All enrollments into the LTD Buy-up Plan are processed by Winston Benefits and not through HR Self Service. Call Winston Benefits at (855) 393-3601, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., or visit www.myprincetonbenefits.com.


  • Employees are eligible for this plan after completing one year of benefits-eligible service.
  • Princeton may waive the one-year wait period for newly hired employees who have had LTD benefits through the prior employer, defined as the most recent employer before joining the University. Employment may be credited only if employment ended less than six months before the first day of employment at Princeton and the employee was enrolled in its LTD plan.

If there are any discrepancies between the information in this publication, verbal representations, and the plan documents, the plan documents always govern. Although Princeton intends to continue these benefits, the University reserves the right to amend or terminate these plans at any time.