Tuition Grant Application for Children Attending Princeton University Academic Year 2023–2024

The Children’s Educational Assistance Plan is available to benefits-eligible employees with five years of benefits-eligible service. This plan is designed to assist with the cost of your eligible dependent’s full-time, undergraduate education. For more information or to determine eligibility, visit the Children's Educational Assistance Plan.

Eligibility Requirements for Tuition Grant
You must be a benefits-eligible employee of Princeton University who has completed a total of five years of benefits-eligible service at the time the tuition grant is disbursed. For more information regarding the break-in-service rule, refer to the Children's Education Assistance Plan webpage.
  • The child must be verified as a dependent, unmarried, and enrolled as a full-time student in a program leading to a bachelor’s degree Princeton University. If you have a child who does not meet the above requirements, but requires an academic accommodation, the child may qualify for a taxable grant. Contact the Human Resources Benefits Team at (609) 258-3302 or [email protected] for special consideration.
  • The unmarried child must be your natural born or legally adopted child, stepchild, or legal ward.
  • To be eligible, your unmarried child must also meet one of the following criteria:
    • The child must be under 24 at the end of the calendar year; the child must claim your residence as one’s official residence while away at school; and the child must not provide over one-half of the child’s own support (scholarships excluded). Or,
    • The child must be under 26 at the end of the calendar year; the child must have gross income, including scholarship income above tuition, in an amount less than the dependent exemption amount for the year ($4,300 for 2021); and you must provide over one-half of the child’s support (if divorced, your former spouse can provide over one-half of the child’s support if you claim the child as your dependent).
  • The grant is available for undergraduate full-time study for up to four academic years. The terms do not need to be consecutive.
  • The total annual tuition grant is based on 100% of the child’s tuition costs, including mandatory educational fees. If the child is receiving other scholarships, grants, or awards, the tuition grant does not exceed the remaining eligible costs, if any. Employees must notify the Benefits Team of any such awards.
  • There is a limit of one grant per child per year. If both parents work for Princeton, only one grant can be disbursed per child per academic year. If the child withdraws from school during the academic year, is no longer a full-time student in a degree program, or if there is any other change in the child’s educational status or relationship to the employee, the employee must notify the Benefits Team. The employee is responsible to refund the tuition grant to Princeton University.
  • Employees must reapply for the tuition grant each academic year.
  • Tuition grant funds will be transferred directly to Student Accounts.
  • Princeton University is not responsible for late payment fees or finance charges incurred if the grant is not received by the payment due date stated on the tuition bill. Tuition grants are processed in the order in which they are received and are generally processed within six weeks of receipt.
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The child must be under 26 at the end of the calendar year.
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