Work Schedule Information

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Work Schedules

Work schedules vary, based on the academic calendar, job, operational or departmental needs, and other considerations. The University offers various time off benefits, including holidays when offices are closed; remote and flexible work arrangements; and work schedules for employees who work during certain months of the year.

Holiday Schedules

Princeton University's holiday policy provides 11 holidays throughout each fiscal year. HR provides a three-year holiday schedule intended to support departmental planning.

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5.1.4 Flexible Work Arrangements
The University encourages supervisors to permit reasonable adjustment (flextime) to the established normal arrival and departure times or work locations of the workplace to accommodate individual employee needs, such as transportation, taking classes, and personal and family care commitments, where appropriate, recognizing that flexible arrangements are not possible for all work areas. Learn More
Work Schedules for Employees Who Work Less than 12 Months

Many staff members have an annual work schedule that is less than 12 months. They are classified as part time employees. Work schedules for less-than-12-month employees may be and often are modified based on the operational needs of the department or University.

The dates below are updated annually.

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Summer Hours

The University's summer workday schedule is based on the academic calendar.

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